Liquor License & Permits in Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you need a New Mexico liquor license and permits, NM Licensing Associates can assist you. Based in Santa Fe, we focus on New Mexico statues and regulations. For a timely approval we do onsite consultations and focus on the application process, so you can focus on your business. 

When to File for an amended liquor license:

There are times when changes in your business structure require you to file for an updated liquor license or a new license. 

  • Change of structure: If you’re moving to a new location, have a Corporate or DBA name change, or are planning an expansion. 
  • Change of Resident Agent: When the license holder appoints a new Resident Agent. 
  • Change in Officers or Partners: Removal/replacement of owners, partners or officers, requires a Change of Officer Application. 
  • Change in Ownership Percentage: Any change in ownership of an officer or partner owning 10% or more. 

If you aren’t sure what you need, Marge, having experience as a business and restaurant owner, can assist you. She knows the state and city requirements, and can help you obtain your New Mexico Liquor License and Permits.

What Kinds of New Mexico Liquor Licenses & Permits:

Depending on the type of business you have, you may need one of kinds of Liquor Licenses: 

  1. Dispenser: Business that requires a dispenser license includes bars, nightclubs, full service convenience, and grocery stores that sell alcohol. Because New Mexico is a quote state, it has a set number of Dispenser Licenses. Therefore, these licenses are leased, or purchased and transferred after approval from New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division.  
  2. Non Dispenser: This license is for small brewers, craft distillers, wholesalers, manufacturers, winegrowers and governmental, public service, and non-profit clubs. 
  3. Restaurant Beer & Wine: This license is for a full-service restaurant with appropriate staff to serve food with beer or wine. Also required is a New Mexico Environmental Food Establishment Permit to obtain a Restaurant Beer & Wine License. 

No matter the type of liquor license or permit service you require, we’ll be happy to assist in your licensing needs in Santa Fe New Mexico area. Call 505.927.3245 or fill out the contact form.